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vijaykumar's picture
on February 10, 2007 - 1:40pm

well this past week has been quite the doozy for me. what with quitting school, the whole fiasco with my brother, and now a new one, my father has just been layed off! wowee hey? BUT I have good news! It's unfortunate that it had to wait until all this had to happen...but I've rekindled my relationship with God! It's amazing how calm he can make you feel in the middle of a storm. I can definitely relate to Peter walking on water. I just need to focus on God, and not doubt. It's going to be difficult...I haven't really come to God in ..well..a very long time...but I have a wonderful support system, and I just feel like this whole experience has breathed new life into me. And you know what's funny? I went to this college and career age meeting last night at the church (which was a complete random event, that I didn't even know was happening until about an hour before it was on) and anyways, they're looking to start a new worship team, and they're looking for singers, songwriters, and other musicians! ummm...PERFECT! That just totally confirmed what I'm doing! Like, songs have just been flowing out of me, and my singing lessons, and piano's just all coming together! Anyways, any support from my fellow grobies would be muchly appreciated! Hope things are well everyone! Bless ya :D

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