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Good Morning Monday

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on February 12, 2007 - 6:41am

Wow, it is 5:30am and I am up already. I woke up around 4 this morning and laid around for awhile, but couldn't go back to sleep. So here I am, already to start my day of who knows what. My mind has been full with many things lately, most of which is probably too personal for me to blog about. I would love to share it, but feeling a bit scared about doing so. Even after all this blogging I have done lately, I still find it hard to open those deep down thoughts and feelings up. That is my biggest problem, I keep it all inside. It could be the reason I can't sleep. I trying very hard not to do that, but it feels hard to let those true deep feelings show for everyone to see. Maybe it is a fear of rejection.

Last night I had a beautiful walk. Like I said yesterday, it left me feeling a bit lonely.But then, I have been feeling a lot of that the last few years, so you would think I would be use to it. I laid in bed last night as I watched Extreme home make over not knowing where my emotions would take me. Seems watching that show always opens the flood gates for me.Especially when I already have something so deep and personal on my mind. But that show is just so moving. Last night they had a Marine who needed a new home for his family. All I can say is any one who has served this country in some way, deserves a dream story like that. It was so obvious to me how he loved his country, how he loved to serve it, and it really made me so proud that there are people that put themselves in line to defend this country. I did not know this man, but he made me proud.Where would this country be without people like him? I have always been a big fan of our military heros, and this was just to awesome to see.It never fails to touch my heart. Yes, I cried of course. But to see a person look and feel so genuinely honored is why that show is so great. There is just something so beautiful in watching the face of another person that is showing true gratitude because they finally can have something to give to their family. He must have been really proud knowing his wife and kids were taken care of and had a beautiful home to call theirs. My house isn't exactly what I call fancy,or even that great to look at, but it is a home. I am proud that I do have a home for my kids. Who needs more than that? Home is where your heart is. Home are my kids.

So after watching that very tearful show, watched a bit of the grammies. Wasn't exactly thrilled about it. I just do not get the rap/hip hop stuff... I remember when those kind of shows were entertaining. Now it puts me to sleep half the time. I don't know, maybe I am just getting too old. I can not relate to most of what is being played these days. Music has changed so much the past few years, that it makes a person really feel their age. Remember when MTV actually played music? That was so long ago. I can still name all the VJ's they had back then.....and yet I can barely remember last week...LOL

I hope it will be another beautiful day. Yesterday's weather was kind of strange. First sun, then it rained really good, then sun again. Either way, it is a new day for hope, laughter, friends, and just to find who you are. I hope every one has a great day and remember you are loved. Some where in this world, there are people who accept you for who you are and don't think your a total nut. Well, ok, so I am a nut, but I know other nuts just like me! They are called friends!

My tip for today is to don't wear underwear that gives you wedgies.....sorry,couldn't think of anything better....Ok, how about don't wear underwear that belong to big purple dinosausrs. Or just don't wear underwear, I don't care...


"picture a place you're yearning to be

A place where work, home
and play are properly balanced,
where people exist peaceably,
where relationships flourish.
A place where there's time for
what's really important.

Picture life the way you're hungry to live it,
in your deepest heart of hearts.

Picture Simpler times"


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