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vijaykumar's picture
on February 12, 2007 - 3:21pm

Well I'mmmmm Backkkkkkk!!!

I Found Out Were I'm Sittin At Josh's Concert March 25,07!

Section F Row 13 Seats 7 And 8!!!

This Will Be My Second Time Seeing Josh And BOY Did I Miss Him!!!

I Had A Awesome Birthday!!!

My WHOLE Family Got Together And We Watched Some AFV (Americas Funniest How Videos)
And Then We Ate Some JOSH Cake And Then We Opend Presents!!!

I Got My Josh Tickets,Some Cloths That I Have On RIGHT NOW,Some Hair Product,Nail Product,Annnnnd........A Sleepover At One Of AZ's Most Best RESORTS!!!! Me And My Aunt Stayed In A Suit At JW Marriot Desert Ridge Resort!!! It Was AWESOME!!!! We Checked In And We Were SHOCKED At How Big And Pretty Our Room Was!!!

Well We Got Settled In Our Room Then We Went To Explore The Resort Wich Is HUGE!!! And Then We Cheked Out There 3 Restrants. And Then Me And My Aunt Palyed Some Bored Games ( I Kicked Her Butt!!!) And Then We Went Up To Our Room And Got All Nice And Dressed Up! And Then We Had Dinner At A Really Nice Eating Place. And The We Got Our Swimsuites On And We Swam For About An Hour. Then We Went Up To Our Room Cleaned Up And We Did Our Nails Intill 2:30 IN THE MORNIN!!! We Had Soooo Much Fun!!!! I Hope To To It Again!!!

Me And My Aunt Had Never Had Such A Nice Time!!!!
We Took LOTS Of Pics So We Can Rember Those Days Forever!!!

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