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on February 12, 2007 - 3:26pm

My two housemates and I had a housewarming party last night, mostly my relatives all over to the new place since K & S only moved to Hawaii in July and didn't have a ton of people to invite. Because we were having people over, we spent most of Sunday cleaning and straightening things up, which was good motivation to get more things unpacked in my room.

The party was fun and everybody actually fit in to the space. We borrowed a folding table and some chairs from my parents and ended up not having to actually make too much food ourselves. My aunt made chili, my parents made rice to go with it (in Hawaii chili always goes with rice) and salad, my uncle made cornbread, others brought dessert and snacks. I made a pan of brownies and we mixed up some punch and that was that.

And we got housewarming gifts! I never knew I could get so excited over a new ironing board. We got a great one with a built-in iron rest from my aunt. Plus kitchen gadgets, drinking glasses, K's mom is making us curtains, and other odds and ends. Oooo, and a Pier One gift card, which I look forward to spending.

We still don't have a TV so if "Family Guy" was new last night I missed it. I'll be up at my parents tonight watching "Heroes" and "Studio 60" (though I'm pretty sure the latter is going to be canceled). Sigh, I'm sadly addicted to television. I forgot I'd had my dad tape Josh on Conan last week. Hopefully I can still find and watch that too.

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