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vijaykumar's picture
on February 14, 2007 - 9:25am

It seems that sometime in our life, we have been, are, or will be feeling like we are lacking love. And what better time to bring this up than around Valentine's Day. Some people think that we actually need a special day to love someone. I don't. It's hard enough working at having a good relationship and then to have pressure (from just about every company advertising in February) to buy a gift for that special someone...or feel badly because we don't have someone special for which to buy a gift. There is always someone who needs love, kindness or caring. Whether it be a husband, wife, parent, child, boyfriend, girlfriend or whomever; a relationship is not easy. Anything worthwhile is not easy. The answer is not always 'yes.' Let me ask these questions . Do you make every green light? (Speeding through yellow doesn't count.) Do you get 100% on every test? (Brainiacs, don't answer that.) Do you always get in the fast lane at the check out? (Psychics, excuse yourself from that question.) Is your favorite machine at the health club always vacant? (OK, we are not talking about at 4 AM.) Does all the chocolate chip cookie dough make it into the oven? (I don't think sooo.) Is Sir Robin Brave? Oh wait, I'm getting carried away. My point is, that if everything were easy, then we appreciate it less. We need to appreciate what we have more. It is important to take time to tell those that you love just that. We never know when it will be the last time, and trust me, not being able to say a final good bye can cut deeply into the heart. Take time to enjoy each other. Make a meal together. Go roller blading and hold hands. Let that preschooler stir the pancake batter for the first time. His/her eyes will light up! Go out to dinner with a bunch of friends. Hold the door open for someone. Volunteer. My experiences as a volunteer with physically impaired kids, foster kids, 4-H kids, skating club students and meals-on-wheels recipients have provided me with a boat load of happiness. That happiness gets carried over to the ones I care for. It's easy to show someone that we care. We don't need to buy things to show people that we love them. Some of the best gifts I have received have been letters (NO, not the kind you earn in high school, although I do have one of those). The letters I'm talking about about are the letters of love, sympathy, encouragement, congratulations and friendship. So remember this Valentine's Day, you probably have love, you just can't see the chocolates through the cardboard, heart shaped box. Sorry, I have a warped sense of humor, and saying 'seeing the forest through the trees' just didn't seem to work here. And here's another thought. When the chocolates have been consumed, the flowers have wilted and the lingerie "shrinks" (maybe due to all the chocolates!), the letters we reread from friends and family may bring back the emotions of the moment when they were first read. Enjoy the love you have and find the love that is waiting for you.

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