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Reflecting in the morning

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on February 16, 2007 - 9:28am

Good morning all! I am not really a morning person at all, but some days I do love the mornings. Does that make sense? Just some days just getting out of bed as the sun is so fresh in the day, the air is still crisp, and things are just becoming alive seem to be all I need to become awake for the day. I can almost feel my thoughts find a new beginning today. I can hear the words "A beautiful and blinding morning" echoing in my own head. Dropping off the kids at school like I normally do just seemed extra peaceful today. I stopped by the local gas station and picked up some hot chocolate and donuts for me and my son. I know, very nutritious, but what can I say...I have been known to eat the not so good stuff. I was in the mood to have something special for me and my son. I kind of enjoy our bonding moments we have.I know they won't last forever. Needless to say it was very sweet start to a day of which anything is possible.

I find it even more interesting to see the local high school students all stand in their little "groups" by the gas station. For some reason, it just made me reflect on the past for a moment. The high school is just across the street from the gas station and down the street from where I live, so isn't very far at all. But watching them reminded me of my school days when I had my own little group and we would hang at some popular spot. Of course I went to school in a different city altogether. Gustine is very small, so any where in this town one will see some high school students just hanging out. Those were the fun days. I have to admit, my group was small and mainly just girls who wanted to marry every member of Duran Duran. Ok, there was one guy who hung out with us, but he was gay. He was the sweetest guy too. I was so a Durannie, even managed to dress like them. That is scary. Not much has really changed from then except now my friends are on line, and it is not Duran Duran, it is Josh Groban. Things have definitely not changed much, except for my taste in men,music and the fact I do not dress like my favorite singer anymore. LOL. One of these days I will have to put some pictures up of my town. It is very small, but quaint. I do like this place though. Very friendly. I just love the idea of being intimate with your neighbors. When I say intimate, I mean a personal level that you can really know them. Believe me, I do not wnat to do anything THAT intimate with my neighbors. LOL... One thing that is great about a small town is I have been able to walk from one side of the town to the other. And you know how I love to walk. Let us say, it is so small, there is not one single traffic light here. The only excitement we get here is probably from the cow parade that happens once a year. Yep, there is a cow parade. Just call me farmer Brown.MOOOOOOO! LOL! But despite the lack of entertainment, I do enjoy it. Although I have to say I still long to live in a place that is surrounded by the different seasons. I miss colors, I miss change. I miss being swept away in the natural beauty of the earth.

Did go on a walk last night. Took my old familiar friend with me. Always do. Very comforting to have something that gives you that hope, and encouragement to go on with life. Music is like an old friend. It is always there when you need it. The stars were extremely bright last night. Almost extra beautiful. I admit I had the "what ifs..." running through my head. You know, what if life was different, what if I did this differently, what if I could go there for a day, what if I had a big hug right now........ Kind of a thoughtful walk last night. Kept my mind busy as always. But in a good way.

Not much going on in my world today but the same mom duties I have. I have a desire to grab my camera out and take some pictures. I may just do that. We shall see. Where will I find my excitement next? Maybe I will go out and take some really good cow pictures. Wouldn't that just be an utterly awesome image? HA HA HA! I will go see if I can take some frisky cow shots. Those cows sure like to get frisky with each other.Its pretty bad when cows get it more often than I do. LOL...........Did I just say that? Oh, I really need help now! Shutting up now!

Hope all is well for every one. It is Friday and I hope ya all have great plans. All I know is I am staying away from the cows. My tip for today is to learn to stop talking before ya say something you'll regret.....Maybe I will go move to Moo York city! *roll eyes*

Love to all!

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