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Wow, great concert!

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on February 16, 2007 - 4:54pm

Wow, what a great concert on BBC Radio 2 today. Me, we and the gals had a great time listening and we had less than a few fainting spells, strange phenomena and other such things as floating fireflies during the performance. Loved the voice -- in great form. We are planning lots of fun things at the DC conference in March . . . another "We-can't-wait-until-March-13th" to hear Josh live in performance. What a joy he is to our members and especially because of his grace and beauty as a person. His parents are blessed! I adore February Song and am designing a special page on-site for the "fireflies" FS video and something stunning for a well-deserved JG and his new video. He, of course is the center of it and deservedly so! Gals, it was a pleasure to "hear" with you!
Ann, Carol, Mary and all you other precious gals, bless your hearts for a fun day!
Love to all...jacy
p.s. I'm working on the blog as I write....does it really start tomorrow?!!!
Keyword: Promotion, promotion, promotion!
Thanks Josh & WBR

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