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Were you expecting .....

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on February 17, 2007 - 6:22am

a big post here BLASTING Mr. G for the whole hullabaloo about no gifts, no pics, no fans??? Well ... thankfully I've had time to think about it and no I'm not going to blast HRH. I adore him too much for that. And unlike some of you think I am concerned about his safety. He's a sweet guy with a huge heart and I would be devastated if something happened to him. And yeah, it IS selfish of me to want his attention - and go ahead and try to deny to yourself that you wouldn't want it too - but needless to say NOT at the expense of his personal discomfort. Well my only hope is this BSP contest which I KNOW I won't win - I do NOT have that kind of luck! And the album cover I made is NOT that good- but it was an album cover and so therefore different than the wallpapers I've made -- ugh! Who cares, I'm not going to whine about that now either. I'm done whining and done sniffling for a while. I swore I wouldn't let him make me cry again and doggone it he did. Well that's over with and it's back to bidness as usual. Hey Gomer are you reading this? Hahahahaha! I can't believe she didn't know where she lived ... *shaking head* It's okay you're purty enough that you don't have to be in-tell-ee-jint! NEWSFLASH: I had a bagel for breakfast. Wow, interestin' stuff here girls. Sooooo the tour starts today - who's excited raise your hands? *whew* put them down and next time wear deoderant!!!! YIKES!!! I smell bay leaves - who took George Carlin's advice and stuck a bay leaf under each arms in lieu of deoderant? Come on, fess up. I won't tell - yah right! That's my NEXT new topic on the message board.

Soooooooo yah it's snowing again - boohoo. Well it IS winter and in winter -- at least here in Illinois -- it snows. *sigh* Josh will just have to get used to it if he's gonna marry me. Oh crap, did you have to remind me that I'm already married? Killjoy! That's okay, I love my husband - he really puts up with me and I appreciate it very, very much! He's MY Josh ...

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