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A Creative morning

jlbrown3711's picture
on February 17, 2007 - 10:39am

Good morning to the world. Ok, so the world isn't reading this, but good morning to all just the same. It is Saturday once again and I am feeling a bit creative today. Not sure what I am gonna to do, but who knows, maybe I will tackle that 1000 question survey I saw not that long ago. You know the ones people post on myspace? HAHAHA. Just kidding. I have a feeling if I did it, then some of my friends may not want to be my friend anymore. LOL.....People would stop reading after question 200 I think....Or was that after question 1? But I do have to say I enjoy doing them. Its kind of nice being able to share yourself with anyone who will listen. HA HA! Although, I am gonna make one of my own up. Those questions have gotten dreadfully boring!

Nothing like waking up in a morning and watching a good movie. Just got done watching Sleepless in Seattle. I have seen it 100 times or so, but I never get tired of it. Of course I never get tired of anything with Tom Hanks in it. He so rocks the planet! But the movie itself is so sweet, and romantic. I just love the idea of two people who have such different lives and circumstances finding their way to each other. Why aren't there more stories like that in real life? Why couldn't my life have jumped off a screen like that? Oh, there I go again. My romanticized dreams are coming out again, and its only 9:50AM. Will my brain ever turn off? I think I watch too many movies. I so need a life. Somebody lend me theirs please!

But, back to this creative idea. The day is early, and anything can happen. I hope I find something creative to do other than just get creative with my cleaning. LOL. I love the idea of creating something. Most likely for me it will involve writing since I have no talent for singing, dancing, painting, acting, stripping, chewing gum, doing the hokey pokey, or even talking for that matter. Heck, even my writing is in question..But I still love it anyway. So writing it shall be. I think every one should find their creative self. Just to be able to express your self through the use of your hands, voice, or just mind is an incredible achievement in its own way. I found this quote from one of my favorite books that truly describes how I feel about it. It says .."You apply hands and mind and spirit to fashion something that did not exist before in that precise form. You touch the universe with your own unique personality and somehow at least a little corner of the universe is changed. And in the process, a part of you is created anew."..To me, that is just a wonderful concept to grasp. Every time I write something, I feel a part of me has changed in some small way. I never get tired of thinking up something new to say. Although, I must admit I think I am better when I am just writing goofy stuff....Guess my mind is locked in to goober mode all the time. God help me.......god help my friends! LOL!

ok, I have gone on longer than I thought this morning. Hope every one is still awake. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA L ALALALALALALA! Sorry. My tip for today is to run as fast as you can when you see me coming your way. Gooberness is very contagious! Hugs and kisses to all!


"Living and learning

is how we grow wise,

so bless each occasion

to which you must rise,

embrace every lesson

that life will impart...

and always feel free to follow

the paths of your heart."


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