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I need sleep, or was that help?

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on February 19, 2007 - 8:28am

It is a few hours later and have decided to stay out of bed. After my last post , I did try and go back to sleep and managed a good hour of sleep.......oh yeah, that was long.... The wind is incredibly strong through out the night and is blowing over everything or shall I say blowing every thing over! My back yard is looking really wonderful at the moment.It all seems to be knocking things against the house, and creating a lot of noise. The dam dog won't stop barking at the wind, his butt, the leaf on the ground.......ahhhhhhhhh! Yeah, thanks to spouse for putting that friggin kennel right by my stupid bedroom window. All I can say is thank god I sleep alone or I might have been kicking someone pretty viciously the way I was tossing and turning. I hate nights like that because it leaves me feeling like I have a hang over the next morning. I would seriously love to go back to sleep now, but my kids are now waking up.These are the days in which I really wish I drank coffee...but I don't! Time to down a whole gallon of Orange Juice.....Oh, better grab some depends, I might not make it to the bathroom after I do.....ok, no, I don't really wear them in case any one is wondering! L>O>L> I do have some control........... HAHAHA!

I had so many things on my mind last night it wasn't even funny. A friend had left me a message saying she was mad, but didn't explain at what or with whom. Of course I had to worry about that all night. Then of course my own situation, which I won't go into again as I am too tired anyway. Let see, forgetting another friends birthday didn't exactly put me to sleep either. ACCCKKKK. Why do I let my mind hold on to these things??? Ya know, I really should stop being the poster girl for taking on every ones problems. Somehow I can't though. What bothers them, bothers me. Is that wrong? I guess it isn't, it just keeps me awake more times than I would like. But the more I think of it, the more I don't really mind. I really like listening. It is nice that people care so much to share with me their problems. I feel almost loved. I think everyone needs that ear to just vent what ever frustrations they are having. I know I do quite often.Hope they aren't sick of me venting yet... Wish I could do more.( no, not more venting, more listening) I also just wish there was a way to shut the brain down for awhile. But then I would be dead....LOL....Well, I at least want to put it in sleep mode every so often. I want to slleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp! Just a warning to all, I get silly when tired!

I also want to say I know there are some friends that aren't feeling the best today. Just want to sayto them that I hope they take the time to take a nice hot shower, breath in the steam, grab yourself a warm blanket and rest in a quite room, or even just watch a few fun movies. Just get some rest! If ya have to work, well, then ya got something to look forward to after wards....Hope every one stays healthy and happy. Thats in order from Nurse Brown!.............Oh, here I go playing doctor again! Just don't ask me to take any temperatures.....LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I am sorry, me slap happy today! Where did I leave my tounge depresser at??? ok, I am going back to bed.......woo hoo, don't wake me up!

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