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soothness of the Rain

jlbrown3711's picture
on February 22, 2007 - 9:55am

Good morning to you all on a beautiful Thursday! I say beautiful, because the rain has found me today. Somehow, the heavens just decided that today would be a good day to unleash themselves. How much did I need this? The rain always seem to comfort me, and how amazing it is it came after a day when I needed to feel its soothing effects.Kind of makes a person feel that some one is listening. I know, I am weird. I get all that from a simple and gentle rain. But there is just something so peaceful about it. It is like the clouds are crying with me.
I must say I feel kind of drained already and it is not even 10am here yet. It probably has to do with yesterdays emotions that seemed to have a day after effect. Emotions are very powerful stuff. That is why it is important to always understand what you are feeling inside. For the most part I do, but doesen't make it any easier none the less. I am still thinking about what happened yesterday and for the most part I probably just took the situation the wrong way. I do not think the person was trying to make fun of me, it just hit me in a different way then I had planed. It still hurt regardless of their intention. I will move on, and get over it in due time. I realize this world has so many bigger issues than mine and I do feel silly at times for even getting upset over tiny details. I have to constantly remind myself that hey, it isn't that bad. Just look at other countries and even parts of this one and you know what I am talking about. I just need to change my view on the situation from time to time. I am just greatful I do have some really great friends that make me see that and help me when I am feeling lost. What would life be without friends? I don't think one can have too many of them. Truly a treasure from above.They really help keep a person stay on a good and healthy path.....
I grabbed some hot chocolate this morning as I took my son to preschool. I popped in a Michael Buble tape and it seemed to pick me up. I admit, I haven't listenend to him in awhile, so it was a pleasant feeling to hear his voice. How ironic the first song I heard was Feeling Good. His muisc just put me in an upbeat kind of mood. I probably needed it too. Don't get me wrong, I love Josh, and will always have a special place in my heart for his music, but sometimes listening to him just makes me cry. Just something about him , his voice that always tug at the ole heart strings...I think I needed a break from that emotion. With music, it is so easy for me to bring up those raw emotions that linger on inside of me. When you constantly listen to someone that makes you get in touch with them as often as his music does, it can sometimes have a saddening effect. Did that make sense? I sometimes wonder how well I am expressing myself. My head and fingers don't always work on the same page. It is hard to explain, but all the same, I was happy to hear a change.
It is so quiet now, I can hardly stand it........LOL. Just kidding. It is rather peaceful to have a few hours to myself. What will I ever do? Don't answer that.....some of you probably don't have clean minds. Clean underwear yes, but not minds.....Atleast I think clean underwear? Is there something you want to share???? HMMMMMM??? No, don't share your underwear....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh as for Idol last night, anyone watch??? The ladies rocked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous ladies, gorgeous voices.........gorgeous attitudes........! I am jealous!!!!
Well hope you all have a great day, a great weak, and know my heart is always here for ya..........My tip for today is if your underwear has more holes in it then it came with from the beginning, time to get a new pair....and sooooooooooooon!!!!!!!

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