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post Vanandel

Krisjg's picture
on February 22, 2007 - 1:36pm

I went to see Josh on Tuesday night . I also went to the meet & Greet it was great! Joyce & everbody that had a part in putting it together did an awesome job ! The concert was AMAZING!! It was my first time seeing Josh in concert. I was glad he sang In Her Eyes thats my Favorite song on the Awake cd. I took pics but they didn't turn out too great which I thought might happen since I don't have the best camera in the world for distance shots. it takes good pictures otherwise . we (my best friend and I) were in on the floor on the left side 16 rows from the front they were really good seats ! wish I had seats closer but then don't we all want front row seats ! I am now kinda going though post concert blues. I just bummed that its over and I'm not going to Detroit or Chicago . I hope I get to see him if he comes back this way on the next leg of the tour !

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