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That Personal Jesus Song

suzypooh's picture
on February 22, 2007 - 7:47pm

I don't know why people go off on tangents about this song. To me the lyrics clearly are pointing to the craze for Televanglelism and how so many people call in for prayer, etc. Not that it is wrong to do that - but I can understand the views of those looking in from the outside at certain ones who do. The 700 club for one - Pat Robertson being a Personal Jesus for some. But then too - somebody posted about Priscilla Presley making Elvis her own personal Jesus - so in that light - I understand what he is saying about the idolatry factor. I try my best not to put Josh on a pedestal. I don't really know him - I only know about him, so what I see is only his very best. You have to see the good, the bad and the ugly to get the whole picture of knowing somebody. Its easy to love and adore someone when all you ever see is their very best them they can possibly be. I think if I really knew the real Josh - I would still like him, but I wouldn't have him up on that cube like so many do. Come down from your cube on square one and show us the real you. O.K. I can deal with it. I have three boys of my own.

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