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on February 24, 2007 - 1:59am

Ok, I've just seen the video for the February song. It's soooooooooooooooooo cooooool!!!!!!!!!!!(as you can see I'm really excited)I couldn't see it as a whole because it kept breaking and it looked like this: Josh would start Where is that old friend go- and then it would break. After a minute he'd continue-ne. Lost in a February so- and then again. You can imagine how that felt. The song was practically butchered and my mom kept looking at his fingernails (for-God-knows-what-reason she likes looking at people's fingernails, I guess it tells her something of the person.- Josh's were manicured and I know what that means to her but she was content). Anyway, I really like it. The tour has started and again I'm envious of everyone living in the States. And especially of those who have been and who are going to his concert. Sure, it's not bad here, people come. I mean, I've been to concert of Franz Ferdinand and of James Brown. Both were brilliant and I (believe it or not) won tickets for both of them. I sent 1 text message and won tickets (am I lucky or what!). But Josh won't come to Zagreb. I guess Zagreb isn't good enough. I agree, who is good enough for Josh? But Zagreb likes, loves him and he should come at least as a tourist (I could be his guide,he he he). Before I make myself mad I'll change the topic. So, the lent has started (yeey, yeah right!). I don't like lent. It's depressing. And like it isn't bad enough that you're not allowed to sing Allelujah or to eat meat on Fridays but no, you have to also to decide what to give up for those 40 days. Some people give up cigarettes, some swearing, some drinking alcohol and what should I do?I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't swear, I'm not crazy enough to give up chocolate so what am I to do? Well, I thougt hard what is my biggest problem so I decided to be obedient. You confused? Don't be. You see, it usually takes me minimum 10 days for me to do what my mom has told me to do. So I decided to TRY to do it at least in 5 days (the plan is to do it right away but hey, I'm only human ;). If you think this is a silly idea and you have a better one PLEASE let me know. I should go now, until next time bye bye and God bless you all! xxxxx

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