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What's important?

jgfankat's picture
on February 26, 2007 - 7:25pm

I sit here, wallowing in self-pity, with a glass of cheap white wine...wondering...WTH is important to me??? I've had two wonderful concert experiences in the past 8 days. I only had to work 2 days last week...I have 3 fairly healthy kids and a couple of friiends I can count on for ANYTHING......and I'm SAD??? Trying to pull myself out of PKD/PCD...I'm confronted with a 15-yr old with Asperger's Syndrome, who doesn't want to start a huge Health project due 2 weeks ago, a 13-yr old who got "sick" today....but is fine now and working on a project that was DUE today (??? isn't the timing uncanny???) and an 8-yr old girl who desperately wants to fit in.....meaning she "needs" to wear a bra... WTH??? sigh Here I am...40 years her senior...not able to console or help her. What a slap in the face. I remember feeling "left out" and being out of place (nearly all my life). I should have some wonderful words of wisdom to get her through this. "Honey.....boys your age will only see the BRA, not YOU....... Is that the message you want to send?" Jeez...gimme a break, Karen. Karlie isn't going to get that..... sigh So we talk for 35 minutes, resolving nothing...but at least she's calm enough to go to sleep...

So here I sit..... missing friends who've gone "missing" for reasons unknown, longing for something, anything, fulfilling in my life to get me away from my Josh obsession. Yet, here I sit.....

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