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I should be sleeping

vijaykumar's picture
on February 26, 2007 - 11:44pm

So another day goes by and once again the dulldrums of my work day goes by wiht Josh in my ear to help keep my cool when someone gets mad about a ticket they recieved becasue they didn't put up their parking permit... *sigh* It's almost midnight and i have class tomorro wmoring at 8. I really should sleep because when it rains i go into mental hibernation so i won't want to get up.. oy, but i'll ahve to for a quiz i'm not ready for and a Genaology project that isn't completely done yet cause my family is to large, intricate, and strange. So instead of finsihing it, I watched the black Donnellys which rocked hard!! plus i went to the gym. I actually wrote my first decent poem in 6 months. I've been so off for awhile in writing, but i think with my practicing everyday i'm getting better. Maybe one dayi'll put up one of the good ones up here for everyone. Until then though, it's sleep time for me. g'night.


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