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I hate going to the doctor

vijaykumar's picture
on February 27, 2007 - 7:32pm

Another day has come and gone. This past week has been quite a struggle for me. I had to cancel my trip to visit my dad because i got sick all of a sudden. Now this is nothing new mind you...I have been having ulcer issues with my stomach since August of last year. It comes and it goes, but when it comes boy it's harsh! So I go to the doctor and she does a bunch of lab work and gives me some zantac and sends me to go get some GI x-rays done. As part of the lab work, she does a urinalysis, and before I leave says, "Did you know you have a lot of protein in your urine?" Uh no. Do you really think I test my own pee at home? So now I'm all freaked out as to what this might mean. Being the paranoid freak I am, I go look it up on webmd. Bad idea. All I found was a bunch of stuff about diabetes and kidney disease. So now I'm thinking to myself, maybe I'm diabetic, or what if I have kidney disease? I'm too young for all of this! After I regained composure, I told myself I will just wait to see what the doctor says at the re check. I have to admit though, I am scared. I wouldn't be surprised if I am diabetic because half of my family is. I just pray that it's nothing too serious.

On the bright side, I am looking forward to going to San Diego with my sister in the next few weeks. We're going to have sooo much fun. This will be our first road trip together! Also, I can't wait to see Josh in April. Reading everyone else's comments about the shows just keeps making me even more excited. I can't wait!!!!!

To whomever is reading this... Have a great day! :)

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