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A evening at peace

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on February 28, 2007 - 5:46pm

It is quiet and this day is coming to a sweet end. I say sweet, because I have been pretty upbeat about most things. Except one issue...but that will solve it self in due time. Since I haven't totally broke down at all, I guess that means I am ok, and I am stronger than I realize. I guess it also means no matter what problems are thrown at me that I can get through them. I have to admit, today has been one of the lazier days I have had. I haven't done as much as I normally would, so I am kicking myself a little for it. But then, I think we all deserve days like that. Tomorrow will be a new day for accomplishing the things I need to get done. But for now, I am just gonna have some time to think of the things that give me pleasure in life. So tonight, I will lay in my warm bed, probably drinking hot Chocolate as it always soothes me, and enjoy a good Idol night....That's all I need. If I throw in a good Groban CD on top of that, I can do no wrong.........or was that a good Barney CD???? I am so silly, I forget.....they both make me turn purple!

The girls are off at softball practice, and I am just here with my son who had a melt down a little while ago because he couldn't go. Don't ya just love when they throw those huge tantrums? It is moments like those that can drive a parent totally nuts. But I just let him do it. He got over it pretty quickly I must say. Mom didn't give in to his emotional outburst.

Ok, I was watching TV little while ago, and saw yet another report on Anna Nicole Smith. Now, granted, her death is a sad one, as she seemed so troubled with things in her life, but I swear there is so much coverage on her that I can't stand it. Even Steve Irwin didn't have this much coverage. Isn't that just mind boggiling? A blond pin up girl gets more coverage than a man who actually did so much for this planet. I tell you, the media's ideas on thought provoking topics is a little off to say the least. They seem to want to cover this girls life every way they can, and it is pure disgusting. I am not of fan of hers, but I do think a little more respect is in order. Let us talk of someone who actually made a serious difference in this world..sheesh! I do have to say I feel sorry for Anna as she seemed to have gotten in the wrong crowd and lead her down a path that lead her to her own destruction. How sad is that?....But why must the media focus so much on that greed that surrounds her? Let the woman rest in peace for Gods sake!

Anyway, enough with me ranting and raving. That is a first right? Hoping everyone is having a peaceful night! Just know this California gal is always thinking of ya all. Oh, dear, I can hear ya all screaming and running for cover now......Take care my sweet friends! You are loved........


Hope is a

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