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An evening alone

jlbrown3711's picture
on March 1, 2007 - 8:32pm

Well, it has been one crazy day. It started off rather disappointing one as I have been trying to get past the "no camera " rule at the upcoming Groban concert. I am not even the only one who feels this way too. I am sorry, not hiding a camera in my bra.. No room in there what so ever. LOL.... No, I don't need offers to help make it fit either....hahahahahaha. Besides, if the flash would really bother Groban, I wouldn't do it..No way, no how...... That would just suck though if I couldn't take pictures. I love having photo memories, so it means a lot to me that I have some. Maybe it is a selfish pleasure of mine since I have already kind of sort of met the dude and most people would think that is lucky enough to not need any more....but I guess we all need our little selfish pleasures in life. All I want is a pic...Will I get one? We shall see.....Anything is possible. This whole event had been keeping me going so I wouldn't fall to hard on myself for my marital situation. When I got up today, I thought, great, this has been spoiled too. But, the day has gotten better has I have managed to keep in touch with some good friends. Trying to keep my perspective on things. This mom still needs some fun, so most likely I will still go. The power of a friend is truly a blessing. I am glad they are there to help me every step of the way! Hope they stay around awhile! My heart is truly blessed having people care.....I wish everyone knew this feeling!

I took my son to preschool today and was very surprised at what they did today. It was a musical day as they had people with Violins, and other string instruments there. The kids got a first hand look at people playing some interesting music. In preschool no less. That is so wonderful that the school is exposing them at this age. Never can be to young to learn about music. The world should be filled with more of it. I was deeply impressed.

It is a quiet evening now, kids are playing somewhat nicely. Spouse is out of town as usual and to be very honest, its refreshing to have some time to just be free to be myself. I know that must sound bad, but I long for some quiet and some moments to think about things for awhile. My head is just so filled with so much stuff, I am surprised I can even write this. So much has changed for me recently, and I know it is just going to get even more complicated But somehow, I know I will become a better person at the end of these hard days. I am still scared of not knowing, but I am comforted at the same time that no matter what, I am not a lone. I certainly hope I have the strength to keep on going. I guess I don't have much of a choice. Keep on going or fall into a depression. I choose to keep going. Woo hoo, yeah for me........Just hold on to the straight jacket., I still may need it.LOL

Well, can't believe I am sitting here doing this while Idol is on. Whats wrong with me? Although, I am pretty good at multi tasking.....I just wanted to take some time to write before ending my day......although, I am feeling adventurous, so I may just stay up awhile. Woo hoo, mom is partying now......The world is in trouble.......LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Time to shake my boootyyyyyy!!! Ok, no its not.....nevermind!

Take care everyone. Thanks for all the support and understanding........A Tomorrow is a brand new day! Who knows what will happen!


"Whatever your memories,

the very act of recalling

them can help you reconnect

with the joyful, trusting,

wondering child who still

lives somewhere inside you."


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