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A Beautiful Sunday

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on March 4, 2007 - 9:03am

Good morning beautiful Sunday. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Yesterday we had the most beautiful weather one could imagine. It felt so much like spring, I couldn't help but dream of the day when spring does appear, and flowers are blooming everywhere the eye can see. The day when I can go to my girls soft ball game and enjoy the outside with a hot dog and the local people. Not that I have any thing against winter, I do love it in its own special way, but just wanting to be out side more these days. I need to feel the warmth of the sun again. I think being stuck in a house all the time is getting me a little loony. Alright, I know what your all thinking, I was already that way to begin with. neener neener neener.....I am just tired of feeling I am a slave to these walls.....I so need to feel that excitement once again. Life is not really fun unless you let yourself feel some exciting moments. Need to feel the passion about things again.

Spouse is working yet again, and I am feeling a bit upset about it. After all the discussions we have had, you would think this man would want to spend time around here more. All I know is I think I may write my own letter here to him really soon........ Sad as it is, I need to move on with my heart, and my life......I am just scared that I do not know how to do this. I do not want to hurt him, but I can not live in this hurt either. It is best we move on. It is the unknown thing again that keeps me scared. But I will find a way to get through all this. I believe that every difficult path we go down makes us stronger inside. I have had some amazing friends to help me through this and lend me there support. You know who you are. Couldn't have kept a smile on my face otherwise. Thank you! Life is filled with blessings in our friends.

Went on a beautiful walk last night. First time in several days. The moon was full, and the stars were spectacular as always. Of course I took my old friend with me as he always seems to help. Oh , the power of music I will always Cherish! It was a great walk as for once it wasn't as emotional as it normally is. I felt a bit of peace last night which was a welcome change. Hope I can keep that feeling around.

Spent some time on FOJG last night. Was getting really silly in there again. Even had some "familiar" topics come up again. But oh well, let them have their fun I suppose. I am gonna try and not let it bother me so much. What really hurts is one of my friends is having similar problems like me. I wanted so much to just get on a plane and fly out there and give her a great big hug.I know many days I could use one myself. Still could. I really hate to see people so upset. Just as it is I am sure some people hate to see me upset. Goes to show you that it is a small world and people are connected in so many ways. I just love those connections as it always makes me feel a part of something unbelievable.

Well, thanks for listening to another blog of nothing major. Just wanted to let ya all know I am ok and getting stronger by the day. Hope you have a great new week ahead and keep a smile in your heart. You are all loved.........

My tip for today is If your gonna have a party, make sure you invite Barney the Dinosaur, and Big bird. Mr purple and Big beak really know how to have fun with jello and spurs........LOL.......I know some of you are thinking what the heck is Laurie smoking? I am not smoking, just my hamster.....lucky hamster!


"Simply put, beauty is

found in anything

that delights the senses,

nourishes the soul,

fires the imagination."


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