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josh's night

Emmily's picture
on March 4, 2007 - 6:35pm

in a little while josh takes the stage in montreal. those silky amber curtains waving gently in the breeze of the hidden fans beckon to us all. the music begins but still the curtain remains..... seductively dancing in the soft lights of the arena. then josh's voice begins and still the curtains stay. i want them to go up and disappear into the eves and the flies. i hear the piano chords and picture a stage hand pulling ever so hard on the ropes. then josh is there on stage ...his hands and arms out stretched to the world and beyond. i stare at him and watch his every move.....hear his every sound....stand and point in the air with the lyric "i will shine to guide you!".....he smiles as the song winds down and the applause becomes thunderess. this is NOT a tiny intimate venue but there is still a genuine connection to the individule....who has come to see and hear josh and his amaZing talent and commitment. how is it possible for one man to touch so many hearts? and does he realize that he has? i sat in the car and waited until the traffic cleared......more than 20 minutes passed before i could leave that parking lot. by then he was on his way to in his bus and safe in his thoughtful creativity. he seems so confident. so secure in his expression of his soul and the words he needs to share. i close my eyes and remember.....with all my heart....the gift i have shared.

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