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Watch it sista!!

Rileysmom's picture
on March 5, 2007 - 3:04pm

I'm off work today so I went to a church social thing this morning. This girl that sat next to me saw Josh when I opened my phone. She said "Oh is Josh calling you?" and I laughed then I got excited and said "You know who Josh is??" She said "Yes, I like Josh!! I also like Bocelli!" We chatted about it for a sec, then she said something about Josh's music being like Hootie and the could all sound the same.
I sort of squinted my eyes and tried to force a smile. In my mind I was saying "wha??? excuse me??" But INSTEAD I maintained my church manners and diplomatically asked her if she was smoking crack. HAHA, not really. But I did take up for Josh by saying I didn't think it sounded the same...especially his new album Awake. She said she still really liked him, etc., etc. blah...
I guess I gave her a "Don't diss Josh" look.
She didn't realize she was messing with a grobanite. *giggle*

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