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vijaykumar's picture
on March 6, 2007 - 6:28pm

OMG!!! This day totally sucked! i'm not going to lie however because it was partially my own doing and my own mind freaking me out, but still, i so did not need this!! So the day starts and i'm late for my geography class because they're doing road construction on themain road that links to the school and they blocked off my street that I take to go to school. So i had to turn around and figure out how to get their through a crazy configuration of streets and drives and Avenues to get ot my school. Then in Psychology class we start talking Erik Erikson and the stages of adult hood (early, middle, late) and we had to number and everything. Well as usual I can't stand working in groups because i've never been able to when dealing with school work so i'm a little afronted to start with. Then we start talking about death and dying and if that is the most scariest thing to people as they grew older. I wa slike the only one who disagreed and so I had to give my reason why which is of course as the example i have is my grandmother who has alzheimers which is my biggest fear of getting old and forgeting everything. This of course brings back memories of me trying to talk to her and her forgeting who i was through most of the conversation. When she's really bad she thinks my brother's like 9 and my mother isn't married to my father yet so obviously i'm not around. So then i go home alone cause my boyfriend promised one of his teachers he's talk with them after class without tell me and i come home and cry to think about my grandmother and just let it all go. So then i'm ok and i go to work at noon and lo and behold i see one of my teachers that i was suppose to get a recommendation from for my scholarship, but guess what the sod then tells me. He says that unfortuantely is to busy and can't write me the recommendation which is due this thursday for my scholarship application. Of course now that he tells me now I can not get another teacher to write me one so now i have no way to submit my application without that recommendation cause no teacher can give a good recommendation within a day before it's due. Of course then i had to walk around the parking lots/structure and get yelled at by a few people for giving them tickets.... now i'm home though and it's not as terrible... *sigh* i feel better nwo that i've written all taht out i feel a little bit better.. how is everyone else doing? yeah, a little schizo ofme right now, but i feel better for some reason... mayeb it's the tea i'm drinking, slightly sedative! lol. Well, hope everyoen else is doing well... ciao1


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