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Today I am 35 years young!!

echobounceback's picture
on March 7, 2007 - 8:40am

Well I woke up this morning and remembered I turn 35 today. I went to work and everyone here was like Happy Birthday! How old are you today? I am like thinking when did it become ok to ask a woman her age? Oh well, so I get to my cube and realize its covered in balloons, streamers and glitter. I am like (OK) this is going to be great! I put on a smile and greeted everyone with THANKS. It's weird how everyone here at work treats you different day to day. Everyone yesterday was rude and mean. Today just because it's my birthday everyone is like happy and glad to see me. Oh well, I will just have to live with it I guess. 16 more days until I leave for my trip to PA and 19 more days until my Josh concert in Phoenix. I really am looking forward to that! I am going to buy everything possible at the concert just because I want to. Well I hope everyone is having a GREAT day and remember one thing: Live life to the fullest everyday because sometime there is just no tomorrow.

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