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Angry at the review from Kevin Carter from the Phila Inquirer

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on March 7, 2007 - 7:38pm

Posted on Sat, Mar. 03, 2007email thisprint thisGroban sings for the womenBy Kevin L. Carter
For The Inquirer
Josh Groban, the 26-year-old crossover-classical phenom, and Angelique Kidjo, the sexy musical spirit from Benin, came together Thursday night at the Wachovia Center to perform.

It was hard to tell who benefited more from the collaboration, which came to a symbolic head toward the end of Groban's two-hour set when they sang "Pearls," a suitably dramatic, world-music-tinged vehicle.

Aside from that duet, Kidjo simply served as opening act for Groban. Breaking out in front of a still-forming audience that was almost entirely female, white and suburban, Kidjo was greeted by a mixture of indifference and bemusement. By the time her short set was over she had achieved her goal of getting some of the folks to move to her percolating sounds.

Groban is factory perfect, a man whose boyish face and flowing brown tresses, beautiful baritone and carefully calibrated repertoire - Broadway hits, love songs in Italian and Spanish, safe pop tunes - have resulted in more than 14 million records sold. Playing with his big band, with its Yanni-style over-emoting, and aided by a contingent of Philadelphia Orchestra strings and horns, Groban whelmed the admiring females with his catalog of hits.

A natural vocal talent, Groban is not much of a singer. His control is almost nonexistent - he was often sharp or flat - but his real dilemma is that he has neither the gravitas and power of a classical performer nor the soul, natural or acquired, of a pop singer.

At least his hit, "So She Dances," was emotional without being melodramatic, and Groban sang with a rare combination of restraint and scale.

He also showed a nice wit that was both quick and self-deprecating. When one of his fans gave him an Eagles sweatshirt, a spontaneous "E-A-G-L-E-S! EAGLES!" cheer broke out in the rafters. Groban, looking astonished, blurted, "There are actually guys here?"

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