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Playing with Candles

vijaykumar's picture
on March 7, 2007 - 10:13pm

Does anyone else think it's wierd if a person sits at the table and melts one candle with another. I enjoy just watching the wax drip slowly down the rim of one cnadle into another and creating a new color and texture to both candles.
Ok, i'll stop talking funny. Today was an ok day even with the little trip to the dentist. Fillings suck, must remember to floss daily/once every other day at the least! Plus rinse wiht new mouthwash and use whiting rinse/strips! Didn't get yelled at work today which was a plus since my mouth hurt and i couldn't talk to anyone. In history we watched Danton, pretty kick butt movie that gives the spirit of the French Revolution. My tomatoes and Peppers are growing very nicely, i'm going to be planting them soon along with my Oregano! yayness. OH! i got my essay back from my history teach. Would ya'll like to CRitique? if not its here anyway for you to read:

Why did the Revolution degenerate into a "Reign of Terror"?

Imagine yourself in a French prison or holding cell shared with a few other peasants. A few weeks ago you were trying to just make a living for you family, be able to find and buy them bread so that your children could eat. The hunger had driven you mad, and now after the riots you were placed in one of these prisons, unaware of your fate, whether they will let you go, or whether you will be the newest attraction for the country upon the now infamous guillotine. You shiver in fear in the cold dank cell if your head will be put on a spike and paraded or if the local children will play soccer with it. The revolution was suppose to help you and your family, but now, you lie hungry knowing your family outside feels the same shivering in their bed, but now instead of just being hungry, everyone around you is in fear of what this has become. The smell of fear was outside but the air is now rank with it within the prison.
The French Revolution is dominated by the thoughts and ideas of far too many a people. All at one point had wanted what everyone believed in, the rights of men, their property, and their freedom; one by one however they all at some point fell into the concept that their own was the primary. Greed and selfishness riddled those in power, now that they had had a taste of it, they never wanted to let go of it. The countless civil wars between separate parties in France and in the Caribbean led to massive casualties but by arms and by sentencing. The country itself was not stable, and the reality of all the surrounding countries nibbling away at their borders did not help the stability within the government. The reason for the fall of the monarchy was unstableness within the governing system, and it was also the reason for the fall of the revolutionaries to this reign of terror and struggle for power.

Well, hope everyone's had an good day! g2 run, got to finish Geography homework.


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