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Soon I get to See Josh Yeah

mswizzzard's picture
on March 9, 2007 - 3:25am

Rachel (my daughter, some of you have asked me who she is. She is my best friend and my life) and are will be going to DC on Monday and seeing Josh I can't wait. She's got the hotel all set. Costing her a fortune but it is so worth it. The past few months have been very hard on me I have had several accidents (fell down stairs had a concusion) that's one of the reasons I haven't written. I look at how many people have read my blog and I'm amazed you are all so wonderful. Sheila I'm so glad you got to see josh while you were visiting your daughter - we are both so lucky to have children who understand our Josh lives .
The doctor wanted to put me in the hospital two days ago because I was having a mini breakdown but he couldn't promise me I'd be out in time for Josh. Josh is all the medicine I really need and I would have been in worse shape if I didn't get to see him. Even though this is the fourth time. He is like a drug and I his addict. we have really good seats.
I have a new girlfriend and am slowly converting her to be a Grobanite. I put on my phone instead a ring February song. so all those who call will hear that instead of regular ring. ARen't I evil.
Anyone who has seen him please write me and tell me your experiences I love knowing how other people react. Blessed be.

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