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March 9th

vijaykumar's picture
on March 9, 2007 - 11:37am

Well so good new is that is finnaly warming up here. Today its -1 and tomorrow is +3. I cant wait for that, the snow will fiannaly melt.For the next week its going to warm up.

Hey Josh I gess you missed out on the nicer days.

Today I took the dogs out for a run and got Bear(my shepherd to put the sled with the kingling wood on it for the fires. She did great. For not doing for a few weeks. She was awsome.
And after that we played fech, her favorite game! Now she laying beside me.
She tiered!

It been a whlie for me to wright in my journal. I gess not much really going on.
But Im here now.

Its not really that there not much going on its just been very buzy here. My mom had her surgery and is going great, I taking care of her and doing what I can. And go to work. But its all part of life, I gess.

I did star up a message borad topic about DOGS.
And I am so happy to read how many others like dogs and have them too.

So yeah thats really all I can say for now.

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