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5 1/2 days to Josh

Rileysmom's picture
on March 12, 2007 - 1:33pm

Actually 4 1/2 days until I head to Hotlanta to meet my fellow grobanites and see Josh for the first time EVER.
This will truly be a dream come true. I just have to survive the week and GET THERE. I'm leaving a day early to be on the safe side.

I have pretty good seats in the first section. I've read so many concert reports. I have an idea of how the show will go, but I just want to hear that voice LIVE. If I reach out and touch him that will be great. If I get an autograph that will be great too, but what I DREAM of is hearing that voice first hand. Yes, I'm easy to please.
My BSP entry was very simple, so I don't expect to win that and I'm ok about that too.

I've got it all planned out in my head. I don't want to fuss to much over my camera. I know I'm going to just sit (or stand) there mesmerized listening to Josh and soaking it ALL in. Maybe take a few pics here and there.
I'm definately going to spend alot of money on concert "stuff".
I've actually been using my "paid time off" at work on my pay check for extra money. Then I'll take the cash out of the bank and stash it away along with my concert tickets (which are in our fireproof file cabinet in the closet) So girls...I AM SET!!!

I just wonder how it will be meeting everyone for the first time? I have that planned in my mind too, but will it be awkward? or will I just walk up to these people like I've always known them? I think it will be just like I've known them for awhile. I'm just as excited about meeting grobanites for the first time too.

I'm trying to keep it in the side of my brain for now because everytime I think about it I get a gush of butterflies. You have to know me....I'm a VERY laid back person and I NEVER get too emotionally excited about anything - unless it's about my kids, so it's painful for me to be this excited about Josh. It's hard to explain.

Ok, I'll check in tomorrow and continue my mindless ramble.
Love to all!!

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