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on March 12, 2007 - 8:15pm

Okay grrrrrrrr ... I had just typed an entry to my journal here when my stupid husband calls ... the doggone cell phone is on the other side of the room plugged into the charger - I hate when he calls me on my cell phone. I set a particular ringer for him and it NEVER EVER fails to scare the crap out of me when it rings. So ... okay ... I'm lying in bed with my laptop that my hubby bought me last Friday night and I can't get MSN Messenger to work. He called me at work today and bragged how he'd found the fix and gotten it to work so I was more than ready to sign on whilst I relax in my bed and chitty chat with my bud ... or buds depending on who was up and feeling chatty--dang it Jeanene .. I'm sorry, I said I would be on but I can't get the bloody thing to work!!! I sent my hubby a text message asking him to email me because I couldn't find his email addy at work .. so what does he do??? CALLS ME!!!! *grumble grumble* Now I have to untangle myself from the web of sheets and blankets I've got my feet wrapped in to get the phone and answer it. He tells me to uninstall then re-install the messenger program so I do ... hey, that didn't work! So now I sit here like a dummy not being able to chat. Harley, my oldest cat just scared the crap outta me just now by stepping on hubby's alarm clock and the stupid radio went on - PINK loud and clear .. GOOD LORD. Can these cats irritate me anymore? Shadow was just next to me rubbing his very wet and very cold nose on my elbow and pawing at me because I wasn't paying attention to him. Snowy is really getting on my last nerve because he's LICKING these poster-sized pics of Josh I have hanging above my computer desk in the other room and he's licked all the way down to the white of the pic ... and he won't stop. WHAT AN IDIOT!!! If anyone's gonna lick Josh it's gonna be me. Dang it! I'm so annoyed this evening. I sure hope I can settle down some so I can fall asleep.

OKAY SO THE REAL REASON I WAS WRITING IN MY JOURNAL ... I was going to say that how could I get any more prestigious than being 'friend of the day' and a hundred people (hey if Wyatt can exaggerate like that so can I! Love ya Wyatt!) emailing and PMing me saying congrats. It was a better day than my birthday!!! That RAWKS!!!! You guys are FANTASTIC!!! And thanks a million!!! I got to talk to Kath tonight on the eve before her first Josh concert ... I am truly honored!! *big squeezy hugs* And then NANCY calling from MSG and then after we were disconnected CAROL CALLING ... YIKES!!!! FAB!!! I wish you the best tomorrow Kath ... have fun and get a HUG girlfriend!!!! So anyway ... I'm tired and irritated and frustrated beyond belief that I can't chat with Jeanene so I'm going to bed. BUT NOT before I get a fab screenshot of that 'friend of the day' thingamajiggy.

Love ya!

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