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Faith, Hope, and Heart

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on March 13, 2007 - 1:48pm

Well, it is another beautiful spring like day and the weather is just making me yearn for spring to be here for good. The warmth of the sun just fills the world up with such a glow that it keeps all the worries I have inside from getting me down. That's good.I so need days like this, so I can recharge myself for when it does get harder. Its days like this that gives me hope...............

Anyway, still have not gotten back to any writing these days. I miss it tremendously, but I just have not felt too inspired these days. You would think going through anything that effects the heart would give me plenty of inspiration, but for some reason it is not. I guess my mind is too preoccupied these days to let my creative mind just go. I am trying really hard to keep myself going and do the things that make me who I am. But the mother in me always seem to come out and then I end up put my own desires on the back burner. As a mom, that's a real hard habit to break. I am trying, that's all I can say.........I just need a good kick in the .....well, never mind!!!!!!

Anyway, here is another poem for all my friends......not by me, but its message says it all........Take care to all, and have a wonderful day, breath taking, and hope filled day....... ~Love to all~


Faith, Hope, And Heart
by Nicci Pagan
I was once told only in dreams
Do dreams come true.
But I'm to tell, here and now,
Your dreams are up to you.
Like "The Rose",
we may pass through life
"Not Understood".
And maybe we won't
make all the friends we should.
But always treasure what you have
and in the mirror what you see,
Then strive to get all you can
and be all that you may be.
On the rocky roads of life,
you must be strong to fall apart.
But, I tell you from my soul to keep
Faith, Hope, and Heart.

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