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on March 16, 2007 - 10:38am

I'm having a really cruddy day. Sometimes I'm such a jerk, and I don't even mean to be (well, most of the time). I always seem to say things I don't mean, and insult people when that is not my intention. I guess, sometimes, I am just too blunt, or, as is the case today, what I said just came out totally NOT the way I meant it.

I don't even think I want to go to that dang Flappers breakfast...or the M&G...but I already paid my money, so I will go. Just really feeling completely crappy. That's an icon they don't have at the top...but it's one they need...I'M FEELING CRAPPY!!!

On a happy note, I didn't have to go to court today. I hate going to court. They waste time, and energy. And they don't care how much of your time or energy they waste, not to mention, I always have to go in the middle of "my" night. Sometimes I'd like to call those attorney's in the middle of the night and make them stay up for hours just sitting and waiting. *snicker* that is vengeful!!! What has gotten into me today? I'm really being a B*TCH. Sometimes, that's good for the soul, as long as it isn't a chronic condition. :) I hope it's not a chronic condition in me, but merely a passing mood!!!

I think I like my new profile pic. My Sammy dog....if I had known I was going to meet and marry a man named Sam, I don't think I would have named my dog Sammy! *giggle* What are the odds of that happening? Just goes to show, life is strange and wonderful sometimes...and sometimes, just plain damn weird!!! Maybe I need to take some photos of the cats too...and I can rotate them. Keep people guessing...what's her photo today. Not that anyone really cares about that. Just a weird, sleep deprived of many random thoughts that have no connection to anything that run through my brain!

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