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it is time.....

Emmily's picture
on March 17, 2007 - 8:19pm

for me to come here once again and write the words i save inside me. don't know why i save them up. only to let them escape here. i know i should use them more a song or book or who knows where else. i will find my way. promise. but tonight i took a walk with seth....down my frozen driveway and out to the semi frozen street i live on. this is a brave journey for me given my history. (i detest winter.....once fell on the ice and spent four long months in a long leg cast. i so do not belong here) ok that aside...we made it down the long driveway and into the road.....avoiding the patches of ice and snow left behind by a march snow storm that seemed to be saying....nay nay....winter is still here! ok so it is march that bitch better vacate the premises. O:) it is time for you to go. but tonight i walked upon a frozen ground and found the stars shining in the sky...mixed with streaks of clouds.... trailing across the open universe of dreams. it is after midnight and my heart is in atlanta right now. among smiles and hugs and a joshie smile so sweet and sincere. i think of him so often and wonder why. the buses are pulling out and heading to dallas. a long and quiet journey across the mid south. sleep now and rest as you continue on your journey.

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