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TaleenKaye1's picture
on March 21, 2007 - 1:33pm

When I saw on the tour dates last night that Josh was coming to Milwaukee, all I could keep saying over and over again was Oh, my God! OMG OMG and my heart was racing a million miles a second!!!! I was hoping and praying that he would come here and am so estatic that he is!!! Saw him the last time he was here so now hope to get front row tickets (at least within the first five rows) when pre-sale comes up. Will be taking my daughter who also loves Josh and his music! Thanks, Josh, for coming to Milwaukee August 7th - hope to see you in the front row and shake your hand or get an autograph or both or maybe even win a meet & greet with you!!! Love from one of your Grobanite fans in Milwaukee, Taleen

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