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SLowly returning

jlbrown3711's picture
on March 22, 2007 - 4:41pm

Yeah, I am still here. Still making my way through days like normal. Well, almost normal. As normal as this abnormal girl can be. LOLLLLLLL!!!!!! I still haven't quite had my appetite back yet, but I am not complaining about that. Maybe with the little eating I have done, maybe can finally shed those extra pounds that most people want to shed. LOL....Believe me, I won't starve myself.

Spent some time on FOJG this afternoon. Felt good to get back to my friends, but really strange at the same time. For some reason it wasn't as joyous as it normally is. Guess I am not quite over this depression thing. But hey, I am trying. All that I can do, right? I am however feeling a little better from my cold. Still coughing at times, but not quite as draggy. Did get email from my dad earlier. Picked me up a little. One thing that stood out was when he said about how when one door closes, another one opens. I think its probably the few ideas that keep me going through all this. It is probably true too. Just waiting to see that open door. I know its there. Just have to reach to it. Thats a journey in itself.

*6 days til Groban........Still waiting for the big excitement to over whelm me. God,I am so pathetic. I am about to see a man who I adore tremendously and I can't seem to find any excitement. Don't ya hate it when real life spoils the fantasy one? Wait, not that I have any fantasies about him, but...I,..uh......ok.......Nevermind! No use explaining. Not like anyone would believe me anyway!

Anyone got any big plans this weekend? I wish I did, but probably more of the same usual things around here. Man, I so need a vacation where I can just get away to some secluded spot and forget all of lifes demanding stresses. Some where peaceful, beautiful, warm, and very isolated........oh well, a woman can dream......someday!!!!!!!!

Well, hope every one else is having stress free days. I guess that is probably impossible. Life is not easy, so stress just comes with it. But just know that no one is really alone. Always some one out there going through the same thing. Knowing that, seems to help my own worries. Anyway, take care to all......You are loved. (don't give up)!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Joy is a mystery because

it can happen anywhere,

anytime, even under the

most unpromising



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