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the complete and utter scatter brain that is me

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on March 22, 2007 - 9:09pm

So tonight was super duper fun!!


that was sarcasm, as typing tends to inhibit that.

so earlier i took a ride with my friend and her mom to the store. once there, i had my wristlet on hand, but when we got back home...wristlet was gone.

we looked in every inch of the car and it was nowhere to be found. said wristlet contained no money (all of it's in the bank) but wristlet DID have my driver's license, social security card, and visa debit card.
And now comes the many levels of emotion:
1. Hope. Hope that you'll find it.
2. Frustration.
3. Worry. Worry that you won't find it.
4. Anger. Anger at yourself because you're a complete and utter idiot for losing so many important things.
5. MASSIVE worry. massive worry overload that some creep most likely took it and has no intention of trying to find who it really belongs to
6. Crying. Which I did a whole lot of. Cause I cry way too easily and it's just what I do when I'm really really stressed out and anxious.

My friend's mom did her best to assure me that it could be worse.
In the rain, we looked all over that store's parking lot. Nothing. Went to costumer service. Nothing.

What I dreaded as much as idenity theft was my mother's rage. I knew for sure she'd flip out on me once I told her.
I was correct. I got yelled at, of course, even when my friend's mom defended me. Even she couldn't understand why my mom got so pissed.

Mistakes happen. But to my mom, I'm supposed to be perfect. I can't make mistakes. I really wish someone could get it through her head that I'm only human. I'm a scatter brain mom...get used to it.

So after 15 minutes of hell at home and me crying my eyes out...we get a call from a guy named chris. he has my wristlet.
A wave of relief rushed over me and I was so happy. I talked to him on the phone and he was extra nice. He said he figured I must have been a total wreck. I'm sure he could hear it in my voice. So we all went to his house, which was 30 minutes away, to retrieve lost wristlet. He and my mom kept talking on the phone and he goes to my mom: "Oh I don't have shoes just come into the house." My mom laughed after she hung up with him and said, "I'm not going into your house. Put shoes on!" ha.
"He must have liked your picture on your license, melissa." ack. At the point I was just hoping he wasn't some weirdo.
But he was really nice, and his wife and daughter were both at the door to greet us. I felt like a moron and repeatedly said "thank you" to him. I tried giving him money for finding it for me but he refused. Instead he gave us his business card. ha. If I need new tile I have to contact chris:
my hero.

it sure is nice to know there are still good and honest people left in this world

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