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Showing kindness

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on March 23, 2007 - 5:21pm

Oh Happy Friday to all. Man, it seems my blogs are getting later and later these days. Sorry about that. Just so much on my mind that I am even thankful I can get up in the mornings. It feels like a huge steep hill ahead of me and no end in sight. I know, it only feels that way. I am sure things will eventually settle down and find its own way. Just all this stress is making me bonkers. Every day I have a head ache or a stomach ache because of it. I am gonna worry myself sick here pretty soon. I don't mean to, just can't help it. It is really the last thing I need when trying to find a job. Even my blogs may be cut short here soon as spouse is going to stop paying for it. Now you tell me, is that right? I use this Internet to look for jobs..... what the heck am I gonna do without it? But I have had some sweet gestures from friends to help with that. I still am in shock over how peoples kindness just seem to come out at these times. Like tonight for example. A friend of mine in NY had a pizza delivered to me this evening. And I am in California! How cool was that? Just so I wouldn't have to worry about dinner. Imagine the pizza company finding out the call was from NY? LOLLLLLLL!!!!!!! God bless them. God Bless my sweet friend.

Well, good news is I am starting to look forward to my Groban concert in 5 days. I really need some fun about now. I think going to the party before the show and meeting some of my Grobanite friends is what I need to help me relax a little. Even if it is only for a few hours. Nothing is more comforting than being around other women who understand. And of course talking Josh a few hours doesn't hurt either..........LOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! But I think about all the songs he may perform, and it has me worried. God, I swear if he sings Broken Vow I am going to cry like a baby. I really don't need to hear that song right now........yikes! Better bring my tissues just in case.

Well, sitting home alone at the moment getting ready for a night with my daughters. I have been feeling so crummy lately that I thought they needed a night with mom.I think Indeed this night too. We are gonna watch movies in the living room and sleep out here. Kind of like a big slumber party. Got the snacks all ready, so it should be a fun night. Kevin will be staying with dad tonight. I think Kevin will have just as much fun. Sons need there dads too.

Hope everyone has a great evening and finds some peace and comfort on this lovely evening. You don't have to be out doing something to have a good time. Even staying at home thinking of a good friend can be just as rewarding. Hope every one is blessed with some thing special that makes their life a little more fun........... Take care. You are loved........


"Think of at least

one small pursuit that

makes you smile....

why not do it today?"


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