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My beautiful daughter

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on March 27, 2007 - 4:04am

Well Just when I think things can't get better they do. Rachel REad the entries I wrote and was honored that she read my entries. I'm up to 115 views that is so impressive. So we saw Josh in DC and now We are going to Hershey PA and she's paying for everything but my ticket. How blessed I am that I have such a beautiful daughter. We share Josh and it's something that I'll always remember. I'll call Hershey and try and get handicapped seating the knee is bothering me. I have OA - OsteoArthritis a painful disease that degenerates the knee. I wear a knee brace I know that Rachel doesn't know how bad it is but if she read the journal she will but that is ok cause I'll explain it to her.

That's why I need a total knee a replacement. I'll need one sooner than I expected but I'll heal and it will be better. I'm so glad to be going to see Josh TWICE on this tour that will make it 5 times I've seen him and 4 four times for her. I've bought a new necklace for the concert well several necklaces :the green man: and :a sun and moon: and a pentacle with blue stones.

That was RAchel on the phone she has an idea for the album cover the roots he showed on tour. that is all I'll say so no one else gets the idea. She'll draw it and than scan it in Aside from being a great daughter she is a great artist next entry I'll include her website when she was 16/17 when her drawing was a her height. I entered them in what I called My World on AOL>

In case the lady in the wheel chair is reading this I'm glad I meet you please contact me.

blessed be,

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