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on March 27, 2007 - 5:21am

I had a Josh dream last night! It was awesome and was my first - dare I say it - R-rated dream. Holy Cow! I will not give details because there are kids on the boards. I woke up to give my son his medicine and tried really hard to get back to the dream, but it didn't work. :(

This brings me to a question. I wonder if Josh gets embarrased when he sees some of the conversations on the boards. Even some of the siggys probably make him blush (possibly including mine). Or maybe he doesn't get embarrased and just thinks it's flattering.

Anyhoo...not a lot going on today. Cameron and I are at home again. I want to be sure he gets a full day of his inhaler before taking him back to school. He seems to be back to his normal self which is great!

There was a thread on the boards that talked about a cool contest idea for meeting Josh and I thought it would be really cool to have contest to be in Josh's choir for YRMU. The contestants would send in a 60 second (or whatever) recording of them singing a Josh song and then they could pick 2 dozen or so Grobies to sing with him on stage. How cool. I was also thinking that Weeping would be a good song to have a choir behind. I PM'd Wyatt to see if he could run it up the flagpole. I'll keep you updated on what he says.

Gotta go. Everyone have a fantastic Joshy day!

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