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My Baby's 17

FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on March 29, 2007 - 5:18am

WOW - my daughter Hannah is 17 today. I'm amazed at how fast the time has gone. Didn't I just bring her home from the hospital? She's beautiful, smart, and gifted! She can sing.......and dance! JOSH CAN YOU HERE ME? I WANT HER TO SING WITH YOU!!!! OK, so that's "my" birthday wish, not hers necessarily.

It's a dreary kind of day here; rainy and chilly - but it IS spring and the birds have migrated back and are making music in my backyard! life! A new day! Aren't we blessed to start new every morning? My mother (who died of cancer 23 years ago when I was only 20) always used to tell me, "Go to sleep, say your prayers, tomorrow is a new day." As I'm grown and have my own children, I know what she meant. Of course as a teenager I thought "whatever".

I've had a terrible chest cold all week - thought I was going to "die" yesterday (well, not really, but felt like "you know what") and today I'm feeling human again. I thought about Josh and how he would handle a cold like that out on the road - I suppose he'd have to cancel. Oh boy - that would be tragic. I'd be heartbroken. He must do something to keep himself healthy; 'cause the schedule he's keeping.....ugh.....I guess he's young and vivacious and has tons of energy. Lucky for US :)

WOW - I've rambled on.........I often wonder if anybody finds me interesting or if I'm just writing my thoughts to get them out of my head so I can be on to new things. I don't get on the boards very much so do all of my cooresponding here. I have a select few grobie friends that I try to keep in touch with on their blogs....hope they appreciate my comments!

Well, since I've missed some of "life" this week, I better get something done in my office today. I have customers to call to introduce new spring color to - that's always fun! Happy Thursday to all of you..........

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