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So Far So Not Good

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on March 29, 2007 - 12:38pm

Well Rember When I Was Not Going To Talk About Josh In Front Of My Faimily?

Well I Did Talk About Him....But Just A Little.

Today I Am Going To Be Much Better!
I Will Talk About Shia Labeouf!
He Is Just As Hot As Josh (To Me At Least)And He Is A Super Skilled Actor!

I Dont Know What Shia Did To Make Me Fall In Love With Him But I Did!
He Has A New Movie Coming Out Called Disturbia. April 13th.

It About A Boy Whos Dad Dies And He Get In Some Trouble So He Is Placed Under House Arrest. So He Cant Go Anywear SO He Just Stay Home And Spys On His Nabors (I KNOW I SPELLED THAT WRONG!)And One DSay Him And His Friends Wintniss A Murder! Nobody Belives Him So He And Hi Friends Try To Prove It.

Its Really Good! I Hope You Guys Check It Out!

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