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OH NO! & YIKES!!! Under the weather when I should be under the J*o*s*h

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on March 30, 2007 - 2:59am

My throat is SORE!!!! It started yesterday morning before I went for my fasting blood test. I'm doing this "get healthy challenge" at work you see and I was meeting with a dietitian; they want a baseline bloodwork so they know if you have any health issues such as elevated cholesterol or out-of-control sugar issues. I got up out of bed yesterday morning (my late start day) and began running around and didn't finish until I got home from work which was around 9PM. Oh man I feel crappy. OMFG I almost clicked off the page again like I did yesterday and wow would I have been pissed!!! So now I have my cup of hot tea and sipping it - oh boy throat is inflamed. Let's just hope I don't have strep. It's starting to go around again - we've had two patients in a week with it. Of course I have sinus drainage so most likely it's just sore from that. *keeping fingers crossed* So I heard about one of the Grobies posting on the main forum about not 'enjoying Josh's concert' and complaining about personal issues ... why can't people post their thoughts in the right forum anymore? Not to mention wouldn't that be a journal entry and NOT a main JG forum entry? And what was it about the concert she didn't particularly like? I think it was fantastic - especially the fact that he could a. sing and sign autographs and b. sing while walking through a touchy-feely crowd. The man is fantastic!!! God I wish I had been close enough to touch and feel. I did touch though but not for as long as or what I wanted to feel - heh heh ... that's reserved for behind closed doors and OUT of the way of prying eyes and camera lenses. Wow, I glance over now and then and see that hot thing staring at me from atop his perch on the cube and nearly slip off the chair. Look at those hairy arms ... *groan* He's a sexpot, he can't help it - he just is. *groan again*

Okay so what to do about the BSP contest for Vegas that is in a week ... *sigh* I'm mulling over several ideas but none of them jump right out at me. And should I spend lots of time making something truly stellar or should I make something cheesy? It could go either way ... *sigh* I am convinced it doesn't matter since Wyatt will NOT pick me anyway so maybe go with cheesy?? Make Josh one of those animals with a man's head and chest but a horsey body prancing on the sand? Hahahahha! Listen, it just MIGHT work!!!!!!

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