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Ahhhh, nothing like being on here while at school

vijaykumar's picture
on March 30, 2007 - 6:18am

So I'm making my first journal enrty.....nothing really exciting, just the basics as to getting started. I came from my 3rd hour drafting class, I've been absent because I've been sick (with allergies really bad)and I can't take the test that they're taking now...Last night I completed my binder, the inside cover is completely covered with Josh with the tv series "Bones" on the front and back.(What can I say, I get bored easily but I'm very creative). It's 9:06 am, I've only got till 9:19 on here till passing, then I have to go...which I do not want but now that I've been able to actually get on here at school, my day is going better...I have the library to myself...(it's quiet) and I have a huge body shot of Josh on my monitor (the one next to the journal text box) as you can see I really don't have anything to say but....I've been on here for 2 weeks and I can't get on the FOJG Boards...I do not dare tell my mother...she would cancel my membership...We had a few problems a week ago because I couldn't even get on. I sent 2 support tickets within the week and haven't heard anything....*ack* I can't seem to care about it right now...I'm just thinking about my science class that takes place in about 9 minutes (9:10 am), it's so boring. I want to be a forensic athropologist ( or actress) but volcanoes are boring to me...*sigh* well I hope what ever you and Josh are doing is better than what I have to deal with next hour...I just checked out 2 books, one about sleepy Hollow and another about a Princess Academy and theres a prince looking for a wife but everyone wants to be know how it goes. I think I'll just finish up my relaxed hour reading one so I'll see you around and my next journal entries WILL be better..the first one is never that great because you don't know how to start off.(9:14 am) Well watch for poems and stories, I'm going to post some. TTFN
-KD aka The Raid of Rain

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