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on March 30, 2007 - 8:37pm

By Vance Oliphant

We are surrounded by beauty on every side;
Put there by God...spread far and wide.

A Christmas tree; new fallen snow;
A baby's smile; a sunset's glow.

A gentle rain; the sparkle of dew;
The love your family gives to you.

Majestic mountains; a bright blue sky;
A rippling stream; a firefly.

A soft caress; a kiss with love;
The million stars that shine above.

Northern lights; the harvest moon;
Children's laughter; the call of a loon.

The sound of a dove in the early morn;
The awe one feels when a child is born.

The way a loved one lights up a room;
The sight and aroma of flowers in bloom.

A fluffy white cloud; early morning fog;
Flickering light from a fireplace log.

Tree covered hills; a river bend;
The trust and love of a very good friend.

A shimmering lake; a waterfall;
A flag unfurled; a garden wall.

So look around and become aware,
Of all God's beauty we can share.

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