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A day with the family/poem 1

vijaykumar's picture
on April 1, 2007 - 4:56pm

Birds are always churping/
Bugs are always lurking/
The sun's rays are sizzling/
The fresh green grass smell is filling the air/
Dad is taking his time to mow the lawn/
I feel bad, he looks exhausted/
The sun is still shining bright in the sky/
I want to be here until the day I die/
Thats all in the past now/
But it's up to me to keep the memory alive/
Dad doesn't come through the front door anymore/
Its kind of sad/
He's the only dad I've ever had/
The colors have gone from the wall/
This place is empty of it all/
It makes me feel lonely, I am alone/
I don't know why I keep coming back here/
but I call it home

I had to write a poem for creative writing about a special place, a place where you'd want to stay forever. I wrote about my old house, where I lived with my dad before he passed in 2000. Ever since I moved out here (South Lyon) 2 years ago, I think how I didn't apperciate the time I spent there. My dad died around the corner from my house so that house means so much to me...

Well on a lighter note, I had a crappy day, family came over for dinner and my niece and nephew drove me crazy and made a mess throughout the house and I want to kill them, ^.^. *sigh* never clean your room when family comes's not worth looks 10 times worse then what it would have looked if you would of just left it.Since my Josh binder project is over, I really don't have anything to do...I could do some absent work but I'm not in the mood, especially after the day I just had. I'm waiting for Hilary Duff's new cd, Dignity, to come out Tuesday. I just found a Imogen Heap cd that I've been looking for yesterday.I think I'm going to try to enjoy the rest of the day by taking a shower early and playing Tomb Raider: Legend until the new show "Tudors" comes on (at 10 east.)I'm having a more worse day then what I was sunny and breezy out but then a storm came...go figure...well I'm just going to finish up cleaning the house and relax...try to...Bye for now.

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