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on April 2, 2007 - 9:43am

I am lunch right now and I was looking at the Fox News site and they had a video clip of a story about a pedophile who has created a website to help other pedophiles find little kids and how to not get caught! He takes photographs of children in public places and puts them on his site. I am so sick to my stomach right now. AND the worst part....there is nothing law enforcement can do about it. His site is perfectly LEGAL!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?

I understand the right to free speech but how far are we going to allow someone to take it? They even did a short interview with this guy about his site and listening to him talk about how he "just likes to be around little kids" and "little girls are prettier than woman" and little girls "gives him so much joy". IF I COULD HAVE REACHED THROUGH MY COMPUTER SCREEN I WOULD HAVE ATTEMPTED TO KILL THE GUY!

There has to be something we can do as a society to get rid of crap like this. I tried to find the site, but that kind of stuff is blocked here at work. If there was some sort of message board or way to contact him, I want to voice my outrage. I would also like to know what area of the country this guy is in. He posts children's events on the site so other's know where to go. I am so outraged!

If I figure out where this guy is, I will let you know in another entry. I may even start a thread in Community/Other Topics. People need to know about this guy!

Ok...I'm done! I need to listen to some Josh to calm me down.

See Ya!

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