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Just a question about the BSP Contest...

suzypooh's picture
on April 2, 2007 - 7:47pm

Well - the thought has occurred to me that it seems as though only the newer and younger members of this fanclub are being picked for the BSP contest winners. I know in Verona the BSP was won by a well known member who has won them before and some folks were very upset about that. I am happy for her just the same. Just wish it was me is all. I did try 4 different times for the for different concerts I attended and I was really hoping as was so many others that I had a chance. Just was wondering about the how WB goes about picking the winners. I know this question has been asked a lot though and all we can do is speculate. I just wish there was a more fair to pick and choose winners. So many people put so much into their entries and they don't win. Then the ones that do win don't seem to have done much of anything to win. They all had great ideas just the same. It is just frustrating about all this contest stuff. I don't know that there really is a fair way to pick and choose. Probably the only fair way would be to have anyone who has a ticket to the concert to enter the contest by name only and randomly pick the winners. That is the only way a fair draw can be done. It is fun to do the contest just the same. Just wish there was a fairer way to judge the entries and that we knew more about these judges whoever they are. What credentials do they have to judge the entries??? Can't help but think WB has a small group of young, rich & Hip Daddy's girls in their twenties who are making all these judgement calls. Makes ya wonder considering the way this contest has been going anyway. Things have not been very well organized from the beginning. Even to the point that people are not getting notified in time that they have actually won the BSPs at certain points. The Mermaid Theatre 200 tickets give-away for instance. That was just one big joke and made Josh look really bad in front of all those Euro fans. I hope they plan on doing something to help make up for that castastrophe of a contest anyway. There were fans that were so disappointed and upset that they actually left the fanclub all together over it. It's not Josh's fault though. I don't know that he really has much at all to do with it. They seem to come with all these contest ideas last minute and just throw them at us. What are we - starving penquins waiting for a catch??? Alright, don't answer that. LOL

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