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My Josh Moments in Dallas

suzypooh's picture
on April 2, 2007 - 8:19pm

Wow - Dallas was incredible. Got floor seats and sat in the second row at the right of the stage. At one point, Josh was saying back to someone - I love you and I yelled out No, We love you more and he looked back at me and said No, I love you more. Then I handed him a mini CJ I had made for the M&G Auction in Houston in hopes to get it signed - instead he took it from me and held it up for everyone to see - I thought OMJ - what is he doing? He said look I have a CJ now - I always wanted one of these. I tried to get his attention about signing it, but alas my efforts were hopeless at that point, so I just thought - Well, if I had known he wanted one that bad - I hope they will be very happy together". Then in Houston when I got to meet Kaitlyn before the concert - I gave her the stand for the CJ that my husband had made - she said she would give it to him and she confirmed it to me later. I hope he remembers what that little piece of wood with the groove in it is for anyway. Nonetheless, Josh has a piece of me with him. Hope he enjoys it. Even though I didn't really mean for it to get all that attention, it was still a thrill just the same. Someday it will happen - I am using my positive energy anyway as part of this "Secret" thing - I will meet Josh Groban officially and I won't be a blubbering fool when I do. I will leave a good and lasting impression with him when I do get to meet him officially. O.K. - I said it - so let it be written, so let it be done.

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