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Well, it's been awhile

vijaykumar's picture
on April 5, 2007 - 10:52am

Well it's sure been awhile since i've posted. I guess college does that to you where you can't read anything you want, write anything you want, or see very much of anything you want. Luckily (i guess) i'm on Spring Break right now, and like the conservative person I am i'm not like alot of people i know and am not partying/drinking and all that extra blah blah that comes with a wild and rowdy spring break. The worse thing however is that i don't know if I want to be little old conservative me, i'm torn in two between partying and doing all the 'normal' college stuff. Oh God and College... *sigh* i feel a little silly writing all this cuase this is going to be a mix of depressing and news. So if your having a good day and don't want to be bogged down by reading some almost-20 yearsold ravings, press the back button now.

Alright, well i warned you, luckily though ifyou kept reading, you're not gonna get hit my the melancholy to soon, i'll do an update first. Well this week's our spring break at my junior college, which is good cuase i can relax a little and sleep a little bit more. My school intuned senses tell me that now in school I'm going to have to be really working hard nad not procrastination like how i usually due cause i've got many projects coming up. Well, i've got to learn this somehow, and i plan on doing some stuff tomorrow cause it's the only day of spring break that i don't work or have anything planned to do. I went to Hearst's Castle yesterday, we took the basic tour. For those non-cali grobies or just ofr those who dont' know what heart's castle is here's a link to the main page about it:
It's an amaizng place built by Julia Morgan and was for William Randolph Hearst who was a newpaper baron and was incredibly wealthy! ANd if you ever visit his house, you'll see just how wealthy, it's an insane beautiful home and his 3 guestshouse are incredibly beautiful as well. I had lots of fun! Though it was put into a damper a few times because of my boyfriend whom I went with who has a small anger and idiot problem. oh crud... i guess i'l finish this later cause ihave to run right now and get ready for a luncheon wiht said boyfriend's grandmother, a sweet woman though overy proper (i hope i have a dress i can wear...) Write more later tonight i hope. Luckily for everyone i guess htis wasn't so terribly depressing, though i'll most likely be having hte same thoughts later, then i'll pen them down.


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