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I feel like a horrible person....

vijaykumar's picture
on April 6, 2007 - 6:42pm

I feel like a horrible I got up this morning and my dog of course, pooped in the crate, what else isn't new. I clean it up every day. I've had my dog since the end of June and she has been a nightmare. I love her but I don't like how she mom and I have tried everything in our power to get her house broken and nothing has worked. We have to keep her caged because she is so temramental(sp) and she gets mad at us and goes pottty in the crate when we're standing I went to the mall and was gettign ready to leave but I decided to stop at the pet store like I always do every time I go....I fell in love with this dog and she is very mom said I could get her and sell the one I have to my sister's friend....I have decided to do that...and I feel so horrible but she isn't even really easy to live with anymore....I've been under stress from school and I have to deal with her after....she is so temperamental(sp) that it drives me crazy....*tears* does this make me a bad person?....She is really sweet but is so hard to live with....I just can't get anything through her head....but this other dog has a good chance....I feel so cruel right now....I don't even know how to describe it....I love dogs with all my heart, I love Lily with all of my heart but it's wearing on me AND my mom. My mom tells me every single day that she hates Lily....I'm so sorry it came to this....but I can't deal with it anymore.....yorkies make everything seem impossible...I wonder what Josh would say...actually I take that back....I don't want to might not be something comforting...well...I'll post the update and my sister are going to talk about it....see if her friend is still interested...

I'm so depressed...I want to go to bed but I can't because I have to wait for my sister to call....she's out to dinner with her husband...I don't even want to look at myself I feel so bad....what I'm it wrong??? T_T

To top it FOJG membership isn't even working right....I've sent 4 e-mails and it hasn't been fixed...ever since I registered I can't get on the boards....I hate how this website works...people never get back to you...*tears T_T* I hate myself right now.....I'm going to wash my face...I'll be back to check up on this in a few....I don't think Josh would be on my side about this...>.<

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